Amazing plant-powered pet cleaning products

Meet the Good Scruff gang

Uncomplicated pet stain & odour cleaning products that actually work. No added nasties or other tricky stuff!

Works fast to remove dog urine stains and cat urine stains
Stain & Odour Remover

Works fast to remove pet stains and odour from muddy paws to most severe pet messes. Safe to use on rugs, carpets upholstery, clothing and other water safe surfaces.

Non-toxic dog and cat urine remover and odour eliminator
Urine & Odour Destroyer

Breaks downs pet urine stains and completely neutralises odour at the source. Safe for use on hard wood, laminate,  ceramic tiles & other hard surfaces unaffected by water.

Pet odour remover and room freshener
Odour Eliminator

Instantly eliminates odours molecules on contact and freshens air. For use on dog beds, couches, car seats, litter trays and any areas where offensive odour exists.

Patio cleaner & deodoriser works fast to remove dog urine and cat urine
Patio Cleaner & Deodoriser

The super-strength cleaning & odour concentrate breaks down the toughest pet stains and eliminates odour. Safe to use on most outdoor floor surfaces.

For a happy, healthy home

Good Scruff pet stain and odour cleaning solutions are super powerful yet safe for family, pets, and our planet. Everything we make is…

Our plant-powered formula effortlessly handles even the toughest pet messes

Plant Powered

Super strength.

Greenest and most effective cleaning & odour solutions available on the market today

Earth Friendly

We guarantee it.

Non-toxic and plant-derived cleaning agents

Toxic free

Safe ingredients.

Our cleaner bottles are 100% recyclable and refillable to help reduce your carbon footprint.


And refillable.

Pet cleaning and odour solutions made in Australia with love


Made with love.

At Good Scruff, we’re serious about our pet cleaning products. Crafting the good stuff is our thing and we’re super passionate providing you the safest, greenest and most effective pet stain & odour solutions available on the market today. Our earth friendly, plant-powered formula effortlessly handles even the toughest pet messes, without the need for toxic chemicals. An easy, healthy choice for pets, family and our planet.


No Hazardous Components

No Artificial Colour

No Harsh Detergent

No Synthetic Perfumes

No Mineral Oils

No Isothiazolones

No Palm Oil

No Animal Derivatives



No Silicones

No Heavy Metals

No Parabens

No Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)

No Bleach

No Phthalates (PVC)

No Phosphates

No Chemical UV filters

No Petrolatum

No Nonylphenol Ethoxylates (NPEs)