Ten ways to entertain your dog during self isolation

Being stuck at home with your dog during self-isolation is a dream come true for most pawrents. The idea of spending all day with your best cuddly friend seems exciting and a lot of fun. But as time goes on you may find yourself stuck on ideas to keep both yourself and your dog entertained. Let’s face it, social distancing is a challenge for all of us and walking the dog all day can become a bit monotonous after a while! Despair no more! We’ve come to the rescue with ten great ideas to keep your pooch entertained during this (challenging) time.

1. Doggy treasure hunt

Hide some of your dog’s favourite treats or toys around the house for a treasure hunt. Letting them get their sniff on is great for mental stimulation and is sure to make them happy! This is a great game to also get the kids involved! Just remember to note down where they are hidden in case your pup misses one!

2. Play, play, play!

Tire your fur friend out with a good ol’ fashioned game of tug of war with their favourite rope toy. Don’t have one? No problem! Just find an old long sock or towel to use instead. Fetch is also great to play indoors if you have a hallway or a spacious area. Just watch the windows!!

3. Chew toys

Need a break? Treat rewarding or natural fibre chewing toys will keep dogs entertained for those times you need to pop out or focus on other important tasks. We love the natural cotton rope dog toys from D0gH0use or try a Kong chew toy, made from natural rubber.

4. Make your dog work for their food

Dogs are natural scavengers. Having to work for their food is not only mentally stimulating for your pet but watching them take on the challenge will also give you a kick. Introduce them to a food dispensing toy such as a treat ball or a slow feeding puzzle mat that has the added benefit of stopping your dog from guzzling down it’s food!

5. Teach an old dog new tricks

Always wanted to teach your pup to high five or roll over? Social distancing with your dog is a perfect time to spend those 15 minutes each day teaching your dog new tricks or to improve their behaviour. There are lots of dog training videos and guides that you can find on the internet to make this fun and enjoyable. Don’t forget to have some tasty treats at hand for rewarding your pet.

5. Sit, Roll & High Five!

Move over Instagram, there is a new social platform in town and creating a lot of buzz and hype for those in self-isolation. If you haven’t already, sign up your dog, find your dog’s niche, whether it is telling a story or adorable puppy clips, and get ready for puppy stardom. The hours of fun you will have are priceless. If you need some inspiration check out these 56 Best TikTok Dogs ever.

7. Get outdoors and stay active

If you are able to head outside, conquer that fitness goal you may have put off since January and at the same time keep your pet active! Both you and your pet’s health is important to maintain during this time and there are plenty of activities you can do to achieve this together. Go for a walk or jog, ride your bike, head to an off-leash park for your dog to run around and meet (and sniff) other pooches whilst you use a bench for a quick fitness routine (did someone say bench lunges?). Remember to practice good social distancing when exercising outdoors.

8. Doga (aka Dog Yoga)

Stuck inside? There are many exercises you can do inside together. For instance Doga (aka dog yoga – yes, we are serious, just google it), or build an indoor dog and human friendly obstacle course. If this sounds too challenging, then laps of the house or garden and running up and down the stairs are also good options.

9. A trip to the Doggy Spa (your bathroom)

Treat your pup to a trip to the dog spa at home! Relax your pup with a nice bubble bath and massage. Try using a dog wash with a natural, gentle and soothing blend. Finish up with a warm blow dry and doggy manicure.

10. Curl up on the couch together

Most dogs are used to spending some time resting whilst you are at work so make sure you set aside some time each day to snuggle and relax together. It is also proven that cuddles and affection from your dog will boost your mood which is much needed in a time of uncertainty. All of these cuddles on the couch may leave it smelling a little like dog. Don’t forget to freshen up your couch and covers with our nose pleasing odour eliminator linen and room spray.